Tuesday, June 9, 2009

the nomadic life for me

so...i've pared down my belongings to two suitcases, a two-drawer file cabinet of papers, and a crate of books, all of which i have stored in my friends basement. ive moved out of my house and into a tent in my friends' back yard. i have a frame pack's worth of stuff that i feel i will need for traveling, and a super-tiny computer for working. im ready to go.
luka and i have been talking about this since we started hanging out, have been planning and working toward it for months, and in (hopefully) a few days time, we will be on the road. by that i mean, headed to olympia to hang out with friends there for a while. and maybe in the PNW for most of the summer...but that's only the first leg in our 'journey'. this nomadic life we are embarking upon. no planning ahead, no mode of transportation, no destination, no expectations. we are just gonna go and see where we get.
i like the practice of not planning ahead. sadly, my job asks me to do so on some level. i put my availability in a couple months ahead and then they schedule me for what they need me to do. right now, im expected to work for a week in august, but i have no idea where i will be then. i guess we will just make sure we arent in the middle of the woods somewhere...
it was time to leave seattle sometime this winter. i hit my wall. when i came i was gonna stay at least 2 years, had reached 2 and a half, then signed a lease for another whole year. should have known. i dont stay anywhere that long. last time i got the itch i went traveling for a month to keep myself from moving away and i arrived home depressed and decided to move to seattle. this time im going to just keep moving till i cant move anymore. luka and i just got a ups box (like a po box but cooler) and paid up front for a year. i have no idea where we will be in a year. or where we will have been. thats the point. i dont even know what a year will feel like, living the nomadic life. homefree.

its not like im sick of seattle, tho. i have many good people here, some that i want to keep for life. (not to mention my kitty) i doubt highly that i wont ever come visit, we might even show up sometime during our 'indefinite travels'. love is a magnet that can pull you harder the farther away you get. but its time. its time to go before i cant stand it here, or before i refuse to ever leave. my love of chicago is so strong only because i moved far away from it and visit regularly.
but its hard, leaving. feeling so antsy yet dragging my feet...i came here to be settled for a while. and i was. i thought maybe i could keep it up, but i cant. and that makes me sad. i will miss so much about this town. i really grew up here. learned so much more than i expected. and made connections with some truly amazing people that space and time can do nothing to change. i thank you all for putting up with me, calling me out on my shit, supporting me, eating and drinking with me, sharing your lives with me. i am so intensely grateful.
write, email, call, check our website. give us your address so we can send postcards. if you have a hankering to travel someplace, hit us up, see if we are nearby or could meet you there. there is no goodbye here. and we arent leaving home, we are taking it with us.

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Ed said...

you might be interested in checking out this woman's blog: http://intothehermitage.blogspot.com/2009/06/in-woods.html

she's an artist and she travels with her partner around the UK.