Saturday, June 20, 2009

day 4? --gravity music

a couple days ago i had the thought: when we come back as sounds, i wanna be that high bird-flute tone.
i was sitting in a big upper-room warehouse space (the one that used to be the old k records headquarters) listening to a group of string musicians play various notes all around the room, ranging from a resonant low to a harmonic high depending on how far from the center they were. it was random and unkempt and beautiful. and there was this one note that came to me as robin-egg blue, but pure and unflecked as the summer sky. i was sitting on the floor with my head on my knees, eyes closed for the first time in the hour id been there listening. it was fun to watch them move around, to figure out from which instrument each note was coming from, to watch one musician for an inordinate amount of time as they moved or didnt, played incessantly or waited forever to continue. but at this point i was letting my consciousness pull me somewhere else besides there, just following the flow of sounds and thoughts like a dandelion seed in a meadow breeze. the light in my head was that yellow, for some reason, even tho the evening was blue/grey and wet. i cant now remember the current of ideas that brought me to that particular sentence, i dont know that i was particularly paying attention, but i remember my thought language having a different cadence than normal and thats how it came to make sense that we could all be reincarnated as sounds. its an idea im going to keep for some time, i believe. i wished for a minute that i knew what note it was they were playing that gave me the feeling of catching a thermal and riding it skyward, that i could call it by name or catch it in a jar, but really the memory of it will be enough to find it again, and the feeling of it is what i need to carry it with me.
thanks ben kamen, for composing and orchestrating, and all those who performed for bringing it to light.

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