Wednesday, June 17, 2009

day 3--vegan tamales=place to sleep?

there is an art to being a guest. Its about being courteous and respectful and pleasant, but its also about knowing when to be out of the way, and knowing when to leave—while they still like you and want to invite you back sometime. There is an art to finding places to sleep, whether its your friends house or a patch of grass by the water not visible from the road, its all about finesse. Im still getting my sea legs. luka, on the other hand, can do something like this: At a coffee shop this afternoon, roscoe stepped up to our table and asked if ze wanted to buy homemade vegan tamales. -Yes. Black bean and mole, please. Also, you know of any places to sleep in town? -well, there is that hostel...but I can ask at my house. I live with gillian. -casa hueso? does onyx live there too? -yep. we have a house meeting tonight, ill ask if everyone is cool with you staying. -thanks, that would be awesome. -sure, no problem.
this is my traveling partner, folks. manifester extraordinaire. this is the person who on monday, less than an hour after giving eli and erin $5 for gas money, found $5 on the sidewalk as we were walking to the dock. instant karma. or something...

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Michelle said...

it sounds like you guys are doing great! oh, man... i miss you's.

i have that instant karma thing too! mine works a little differently.. i will think a mean thought about someone or some situation.. and almost instantly i will twist an ankle or something fun like that. the universe hates me.

i love you, friend.