Tuesday, May 20, 2008


i dont know how to process this.

this is so freaking amazing, guys.

everett true is my f*cking idol. i so wish i could be him.
if you dont know who he is, study up or dont talk to me. his nirvana biography changed my life. no joke.

the way he talks about music makes me wanna scream (in that really high on beauty and passion and life sort of way--listen to thom yorke or bjork or kurt cobain to hear examples)

and look at this

this is him talking about clyde. your heart breaks. (the other thing in my life that makes me want to scream--almost always in a good way ;)

cuz its true. your heart breaks breaks my heart. continually. listen. (then buy) you will see.

and everett sees it and hears it right. (sorry, clyde, if the cat metaphor is too much for you, it feels right on the nose to me...)

and the way i read it, he is being real. he can be totally an asshole, but there is always that realness behind it that is his sincere love of music and musicians and his respect for the art and his commitment to using everything he has to help it along. he breaks my heart too, i guess.

he (they) break(s) it open in ways that kc does with his voice. the way that makes an outpouring happen.

(hence this blog)

and hopefully more words and music from me really soon...

Thursday, May 8, 2008

dude. (or not...)

thanks to marque for the heads up on this article:


its so good. and paul is so awesome. he came into the store the other day and bought some stuff on the stranger account and i thought he was cute, and not at all un-manly. except when he got really apologetic and polite around picking up a book left on the hold shelf for a week. (not a problem, paul. you are the least of our worries. chris frizzelle is much worse...)

anyway, read this shit. its awesome to have one of the 'privileged' (straight white males) talk about gender like this.