Wednesday, June 17, 2009

day 2--hugbots and free coffee.

first day in oly with nothing to do and nowhere to go back to. We find the grocery store (to eat on the governments dime—yay food stamps) the post office (so luka can mail some unnecessary things to mom) and the library (to check email and blog and charge phones). We walk around looking for a coffee shop, run into a friend of lukas who proceeds to give us free coffee from vita, where she works. Sitting at vita we see multiple other friends who say hi and tell us about events happening this week. This town is so freaking small it scares me. walking to the dock in the evening, we see a large graffito on the side of a building showing two robots with arms akimbo and the words 'hug bots'. i think im in love you, oly. also, the alamingo kids. josh is working in the garden when we arrive so we help tie tomato plants to stakes (my hands smell like them all night) and then the three of us and amina watch 'bill and teds excellent adventure' all cuddled under blankets in the basement den area. successful day, i feel.

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