Monday, November 19, 2007

circles back around

so, 3 years ago i had this moment in time where everything in my life kinda collapsed and it was heralded by three really upsetting/annoying episodes of something completely failing on me: #1 my GI tract--i got salmonella poisoning and was sick and dehydrated for 5 days. #2 my computer--it completely crashed and i couldnt restore it without losing everything on it. #3 my knee--it randomly slipped out of joint for 2 days and then miraculously went back into place of its own accord one night and i woke up mobile again.
now, in the past 2 weeks i have #1--had a nasty case of the flu that laid my out for 3 days straight. #2--had my computer completely collapse on me and had to save the files and reload my operating system and download all my applications again (im still scared to try to put all my music from my ipod back on my itunes, but soon...) and now, (drumroll please...) #3. yep. you guessed it. dancing at sunset house on friday, my knee gave out, in the same way it did 3 years ago. i dont understand, but its excruciating. its like a tendon slid underneath my kneecap and is resting on a nerve. and it gets more painful the more i unbend my knee. shitty. and makes me immobile. crap.
so, ive been hopping around my house all weekend, and my housemates have been angels, and i am bored out of my gourd and ingesting stupid amounts of painkillers.
so this is what i have run across on the interweb to distract me. my two new favorite music videos:

holla if you wanna distract me with something.

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